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I live by love and kindness

Kaua'i is my home and the world is my playground. My blog is a collection of writings from my melodramatic life and photographs I've taken. I'm awkward and weird. I advise you to not follow me.

I’m glad that I just saw this. We’re in a very similar boat, my friend. Thanks for having the insight to know that things don’t have to be the way they are and the courage to want to be free.

It’s a shitty time haha.  I’m definitely going through a 1/4 life crisis.  I spend my days watching documentaries, reading, thinking about things for too long and then go into wild panic attack mode.  The struggle is real.  

If I called you, you wouldn’t answer

Today, I missed you.
And tonight, as I lay in bed at 11:38, I miss you even more.
My veins are still tainted with your poison and right now, they’re thirsty for you.