Boots' Rambling

  • Kathleen: I don't know what to say about this girl except she's a fucking bitch and she's fucking wide.
  • Kathleen: This is my friend from Ireland, but she also went to Oregon State and she's from Hawaii. She's going to herd buffalo and she just got a job in Vegas doing sex trafficking research. I'm just going to talk you up all night. THIS IS MY INVITE BITCHES! MY INVITE!
  • Kathleen: I can't play beer pong right now. I have a nervous twitch in my hand.
  • Kathleen: Wait, no, Kiah, what is my sexuality? What am I?


  • Nailed an interview
  • Ran over a squirrel and cried about it
  • Vowed to stop eating ahi (let’s see how long that lasts) 
  • Came up with 3 more tattoo designs, bringing my future tattoo list up to 7
  • Took almost an hour writing a 10 sentence follow-up interview email because I was so anxiety ridden over it
  • Considered becoming a veghead again