Taco time > everything

  • Me: Guess who's back mothafaka
  • R: Woop woop! Wanna meet Andy and I and maybe Makena for drinks tonight? Please :)
  • Me: I'm gonna taco and catch up on Netflix...
  • R: Dude no.
  • ...
  • R: P.S I look hella grunge
  • Me: BS. Take a picture.
  • Me: *Gets picture* hahahahaha omg. I'll give you that.
  • R: Thanks. I actually look like a diva up close though haha.
  • Me: I just screenshot that. Now I have proof you know you're a diva.

I wanna try dreading my hair again, but I want someone to do it for me this time

cuz shit took forever and i got lazy towards the end and a lot of the ending ones were shit

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